ImageOn November 21st, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard Agustin Aguayo’s appeal in his case against the Secretary of the Army for refusing to recognize that he is a conscientious objector.
Aguayo vs. the Secretary of the Army: Why this Case is Important

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 About a dozen peace activists were in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. to support Agustin Aguayo in his case. The judges at the Court of Appeals issued no decision but according to attorney Peter Goldberger, this is usual. We now must wait for their written decision, which may be issued in ten days, but could take up to six months .If Agustin wins his appeal, the Army may be required to release him and give him an honorable discharge!

Agustin Aguayo — a Mexican-born, naturalized U.S. citizen from Los Angeles and a decorated Iraq War veteran — is now in a U.S. military prison in Germany awaiting court martial and a possible jail sentence of up to seven years for refusing a second deployment to Iraq. The Army even tried to bring him to Iraq by force! But he escaped, went AWOL, and turned himself in on September 26th at Fort Irwin in California.

This is the first military conscientious objector case to come before the powerful and influential D.C. Circuit Court in the 35 years since the Vietnam War. According to Agustin’s attorneys, the decision of the court in Agustin’s case “will likely profoundly influence the willingness of the civilian courts to question the Executive’s refusal to honor the right of U.S. military personnel to exercise their freedom of religion, including the right — in accordance with conscience — not to participate in war.”

Since there is so far no decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals, Agustin will now need to go through all the military legal procedures brought by the Army against him.
Agustin Aguayo is still imprisoned in Germany for following his conscience and refusing a second deployment to Iraq. Please send letters of support to him today! “It makes a huge difference to have the support letters and gives him resolve and strength,” says Helga Aguayo, Agustin’s wife. Send letters of support to:

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Donations are urgently needed. Agustín has legal fees and expenses for two cases.
The case in DC federal court, and his military case with the U.S. Army.
There will be additional costs for the attorney and family to travel to Germany.
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