A Free Mental Health Resource for Resisters, Dissenters, and All Military Personnel.



  • Are you feeling nervous? Helpless?
  • Do you feel anxiety and depression?
  • Are you experiencing symptoms related to PTSD and other trauma-induced adversities?
  • Do you need social, emotional, and crisis support from a peer (military veteran) or licensed therapist?

These are all valid and relevant questions when the pervasiveness of mental health problems and concerns impact your overall sense of wellness and functioning.

The Civilian Military Resources Network (CMRN) is an outlet. It aims to be unbiased, without judgment, and compassion-oriented. Here at CMRN, we value your selfless contribution to the defense of our nation. The complexities of military culture can be overwhelming and cause dissatisfaction. It can also produce entrenched protective factors to combat stress, extreme worry, and unmitigated pain. Our mission is centered around providing quality healthcare and tele-health for military community members seeking discharge from military service, those in need of a second opinion, individuals who may be in crisis, or those who require clinical supporting documentation for a VA claim or discharge review board. Regardless of your personal situation, CMRN has volunteer professionals to help conduct triage with your goals and outcomes in mind.

Give CMRN a chance to help you meet your psychological and emotional needs. Fundamentally, you deserve to feel an abundance of joy, happiness, acceptance, and dignity. This is especially true, having given up so much of your own well-being to achieve the objectives of the military service power structure. The priority is your experience, your needs, your wellness and welfare.

If this resource is what you are looking for, please call the GI Rights Hotline at 1-877-447-4487 to speak with a counselor. From there, let them know your situation and your preference to receive services from CMRN. Once we receive the referral, one of our volunteers will make contact for an intake interview to jumpstart your odyssey toward treatment and healing.


or call 719-497-9963.