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Support Ryan Johnson, Imprisoned War Resister

Ryan made the decision not to go to war. With assistance from the GI Rights Hotline, they learned their options. They found they weren’t alone in resistance. We are reaching out to you to help imprisoned US Army war resister Ryan Johnson and his wife Jenna. Let’s help them get on their feet upon Ryan’s expected May release from the Miramar Brig in May. Your support is critical.

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Ryan Johnson

Iraq War resister imprisoned 2016-2017: “Courage to Resist is an amazing organization that has really helped my wife and I in our time of need.”

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Ryan Johnson imprisoned for avoiding Iraq decade ago

Courage to Resist. October 10, 2016 Please help support Ryan and Jennifer Johnson during this challenging time by making a tax-deductible donation to their support fund, hosted by Courage to Resist. Doing so will enable Jennifer to make trips to visit Ryan in prison, give Ryan access to phone cards, help Jennifer with medical expenses, and offset some of the couple’s lost income over the next ten months. Please donate at US Army soldier Ryan Johnson was convicted of refusing to deploy to the Iraq War, and remaining away from the military for 4,175 days (nearly 11½ years). After...

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Chelsea Manning


Wow. We did it. Chelsea is free! Here are the latest updates and news:

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Image“Courage to Resist puts the slogan of “support the troops but not the war” into practice every day. Their work to publicize and support the courage of GI resisters is an essential component of stopping the war machine.”

-Kelly Campbell, co-founder of Sept. 11 Families for a Peaceful Tomorrow

GI Rights Hotline

GI Rights Hotline

For help getting out of the military, or related military issues, call 877-447-4487. Free, confidential, and accurate info for troops, vets, recruits, and their families.


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