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A feminist in the military?

Is it possible to be a feminist within the U.S. military today? Military counselor and 1991 Gulf War objector Aimee Allison on Army SPC Katherine Jashinski’s opposition to war and refused deployment to Iraq. By Paul...

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Hell no, she won’t go

Katherine Jashinski is the first female soldier to refuse to participate in the Iraq war. Her refusal could change the face of the anti-war movement. By Marisa Handler, AlterNet. Posted December 5, 2005. “The thing that I...

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National GI Resistance Alert Network

We are asking concerned organizations, communities, and individuals to join us and commit to a sustained campaign of support for GI resistance and conscientious objection.

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A Matter of Honor

I am a graduate of West Point currently serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army Infantry. I have served two combat tours with the 82nd Airborne Division, one each in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Why is Jimmy Massey under attack?

Former Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, a 12-year veteran who became an outspoken opponent of the war, recently faced a vicious attack in the mainstream and rightwing media.

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Katherine Jashinski

Statement of Army SPC Katherine JashinskiFebruary 1, 2006Katherine Jashinski writes from Ft. BenningDecember 15, 2006Hell no, she won't goDecember 5, 2006A feminist in the military?November 19,...

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david coombs“If not for the efforts of … Courage to Resist, there’s no way that a president would spend the political capital to grant a commutation.”

– David Coombs, Chelsea Manning’s Lead Trial Defense Attorney

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GI Rights Hotline

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