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Man AWOL, Says Army Tricked Him

As Crawford tells it, when he reported to basic training at Fort Benning, Ga., Army personnel told him that they couldn’t prescribe potent doses of psychiatric medication to recruits.

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Why I Ran

A little bit of both. It was mostly political because I really didn’t feel like they had proven that there was any reason for us to be over there. They [the Bush administration] hadn’t proven there were weapons of mass destruction.

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Iraq: Beyond the Horizon, The Storm

Finally, climactic possibilities, if not the endgame, are ahead in Iraq. The peace movement can shape the outcome by maintaining a pressure role in close political races, blocking military recruiters on campuses.

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Resist Military Recruiting!

For over 20 years May 15 has been celebrated as International Conscientious Objectors Day. Each year activities are focused in a country where war objectors are being harassed or persecuted. This year the international focus is on the United States’ denial of the right of soldiers to object.

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Celebrate Resistance to the Military

Army Conscientious Objector and mother who is a writer, speaker, and community activist on issues of peace and justice. She has been a leader in the counter-recruitment movement and in counseling soldiers who are resisting the Iraq War.

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National Guard and Military Objectors Defense Fund

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Support a strong legal defense for National Guard members refusing to deploy against Black Rights Matter protesters!


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Image“Courage to Resist is a organization that has helped many soldiers, including myself who have taken a vital stance in refusing to redeploy to Iraq…”

-Kyle Snyder & Maleah Friesen, Iraq War veterans living in Canada after resisting redeployment

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GI Rights Hotline

GI Rights Hotline

For help getting out of the military, or related military issues, call 877-447-4487. Free, confidential, and accurate info for troops, vets, recruits, and their families.


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