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241 Mile Peace March Reaches SF

To mobilize and publicize resistance within the Latino community to the war in Iraq, Fernando Suarez de Solar, the father of U.S. Marine Jesus Alberto Suarez de Solar, led a historic peace march from Tijuana to San Francisco, from March 12-March 27.

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Pablo Paredes Sues US Navy

The petition says that the Navy improperly rejected his application for discharge as a conscientious objector and asks the Court to order the Navy to give Paredes an honorable discharge.

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Pablo Paredes: Anti-war Sailor

California Naval Base was one of the motivations for a nationwide Day of Action to Support GI Resisters called for by Courage to Resist on May 10th and taken up by dozens of groups across the nation!

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Network Organizations and Individuals

Participating organizations and individuals of the National Network to Support GI Resistance Organizations  Student Peace Action Network Marin Peace and Justice CoalitionNot in Our Name Project !Presente! ...

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The men-only military draft has been ruled unconstitutional. Mandatory registration must now include women or be ended for ALL.


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gerry condon“I continue to be so impressed by the leadership of Courage to Resist in building a broad movement to free Chelsea Manning.”

-Gerry Condon, Veteran for Peace Board of Directors

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Were you a military resister in uniform or did you resist the draft? If so, please share your story!

GI Rights Hotline

GI Rights Hotline

For help getting out of the military, or related military issues, call 877-447-4487. Free, confidential, and accurate info for troops, vets, recruits, and their families.


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