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When award-winning actors Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland organized an anti-war review, touring U.S. military bases and towns around the world, the GI rebellion against the war in Vietnam was already in full force.

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Soldiers of Misfortune

I saw my friend completely change into this demon, says Snyder, who served almost four months in Iraq last year as a gunner on a Humvee military vehicle. I saw his soul die right in front of me.

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May 15: Int’l Conscientious Objector Day

On May 14, Mothers Day, there will be an “Afternoon of Performance Art and Short Films” to celebrate resistance to military recruiting and the growing opposition to war from witin the military at the Parkway Theatre in Oakland.

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The Spirit of Ghandi, the Passion of Jesus

Fernando’s son Jesús Suarez Del Solar was a charismatic young soul who above all placed a premium on helping children. Jesús joined the Marines believing he would free the children of Iraq. This was his mission, and when he died, Fernando made it his.

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Army Reservist Witnesses War Crimes:

I first met Delgado in a classroom at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California, where he presented a slide show on the atrocities that he himself observed in Southern and Northern Iraq. Delgado acknowledged that the U.S. military did some good things in Iraq.

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The men-only military draft has been ruled unconstitutional. Mandatory registration must now include women or be ended for ALL.


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Image“After Alex was killed in Iraq, my ex-wife told me that he didn’t want to go back … If I had known about Courage to Resist, Alex might be alive today.”

-Carlos Arredondo, Gold Star Father

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