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‘I will not be silent’ declares AWOL paratrooper

I am standing here today on behalf of the men, women and children of the Middle East, who have fallen victim to this Administration and it’s complete lack of compassion and total disregard for both U.S. and International laws of war.

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An open letter to the government from James Circello

James Circello, St. Louis 8/19/07. Photo: Jeff Paterson By James Circello, Courage to Resist and Iraq Vets Against the War. October 25, 2007 My name is James Circello. I am sure some of you already know who I am now that...

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Image“Courage To Resist accomplishes one part of this program of resistance by speaking for and defending the brave souls in the military who do not wish to be part of the perfidy of this administration. It behooves us to do all we can to support Courage To Resist with money and with spine.”

-Edward Asner, actor & activist

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GI Rights Hotline

GI Rights Hotline

For help getting out of the military, or related military issues, call 877-447-4487. Free, confidential, and accurate info for troops, vets, recruits, and their families.


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