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An appeal to support the resistance!

trump-dump-550Please consider a year-end, tax-deductible donation today to support the resistance!

We’ll need to come together in 2017, to collectively find the courage to resist the endless torrent of horrendous policies, proposals, and nominations spewing forth daily from the Trump regime. History demands of us a movement of resistance to beat back these horrific attacks on the earth, women, religious and ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees, LGBT loved ones, the disabled, organized labor, and generally speaking, human decency.

With your help, Courage to Resist will continue to support the troops who refuse to fight. Meanwhile, we’ll be look for ways to expand our mission in order to defend military and government whistle-blowers and conscientious truth-tellers, while opposing the criminalization of dissent and the militarization of police, here in the United States.

resistance-bottom550The undisputed majority of people did not vote for the snake-oil-salesman-in-chief with fascist tendencies. The overwhelming majority of people favor a better world. It’s now painfully clear that it’ll be up to us—a people-powered movement—to make that better world a reality.

Thank you again for your support last year. We hope that you’ll renew your pledge to resist!

Courage to Resist
Organizing Collective

Ad for drone pilots to refuse runs in Air Force Times

drones-250By Courage to Resist. September 23, 2015

On Monday, September 14, the Air Force Times, a weekly newspaper with a circulation of over 65,000 subscribers who include active, reserve and retired U.S. Air Force, Air National Guard and general military personnel and their families, published the advertisement below (select “read more”), carrying a message from 54 veterans urging US drone pilots to refuse to follow orders to fly surveillance and attack missions, citing international law. Courage to Resist is proud to have contributed to this historic effort, which was organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War,, Veterans for Peace, and World Can’t Wait. Continue reading

Honolulu, March 10th: Chelsea Manning & war resisters

WikiLeaks whistle-blower Chelsea Manning and US military war resisters today

hawaii-10mar15-frontPresentation by JEFF PATERSON, former Kaneohe Bay Marine who publicly refused to deploy to the Gulf War. Featuring: JACOB BRIDGE, active duty Kaneohe Bay Marine officer, Conscientious Objector applicant. KYLE KAJIHIRO, advocate for downsizing the US Army on Oahu, Hawaii Peace & Justice activist. NANCY ALECK, evening moderator, Executive Director of Hawaii People’s Fund.

Tuesday, March 10, 7-9pm, at Weaver Hall on the grounds of the Church of the Crossroads. 1212 University Ave., Honolulu Continue reading

“Spring Rising” anti-war actions: March 18-21, 2015

spring-rising250Spring Rising event announcement.
Posted February 20, 2015

“Spring Rising” is four days of creative resistance; theater, teach-ins; rallies and marches marking the anniversary of the United States’ “shock and awe” attack on Iraq and its invasion and occupation in a completely illegitimate, immoral war.  Together we will use this time to oppose the plans and calls for growing military intervention. Courage to Resist is proud to be one of many dedicated organizations participating and endorsing this critical intervention. Visit, or Continue reading

We are Israeli reservists. We refuse to serve.

gazaBy Yael Even Or, Washington Post. July 23, 2014

Whenever the Israeli army drafts the reserves — which are made up of ex-soldiers — there are dissenters, resisters, and AWOLers among the troops called to war. Now that Israel has sent troops to Gaza again and reserves are being summoned to service, dozens are refusing to take part.

We are more than 50 Israelis who were once soldiers and now declare our refusal to be part of the reserves. We oppose the Israeli Army and the conscription law. Partly, that’s because we revile the current military operation. But most of the signers below are women and would not have fought in combat. For us, the army is flawed for reasons far broader than “Operation Protective Edge,” or even the occupation. We rue the militarization of Israel and the army’s discriminatory policies. One example is the way women are often relegated to low-ranking secretarial positions. Another is the screening system that discriminates against Mizrachi (Jews whose families originate in Arab countries) by keeping them from being fairly represented inside the army’s most prestigious units. In Israeli society, one’s unit and position determines much of one’s professional path in the civilian afterlife. Continue reading


Canadian Parliament fails to pass war resister bill


Campaign to continue to fight for status for Iraq War resisters

War Resisters Support Campaign (Canada). September 29, 2010

OTTAWA–Despite support by the majority of Canadians for US Iraq War resisters, Bill C-440 An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (war resisters) – failed to pass at second reading in the House of Commons on Wednesday evening. While the bill received strong support from a large majority of opposition members of parliament, it needed 7 more votes to pass.

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Sanctuary: Rodney Watson takes refuge in Vancouver church


"Stop-lossed" Iraq War veteran Rodney Watson takes sanctuary at the First United Church in Vancouver, Canada to resist deportation back to the U.S. and Army desertion charges. Take action: Sign the "Dear Canada: Let them stay" letter.

By John Bermingham, Vancouver Province. October 19, 2009

U.S. army deserter Rodney Watson has become the first fugitive from service in Iraq to enter church sanctuary in Canada. Monday morning, the 31-year-old told reporters he has been living in refuge at the First United Church in Vancouver since Sept. 18. "I don’t believe it will be just for me to be deported," said Watson, flanked by church ministers and supporters. Watson lost his refugee claim on Sept. 11, and was expecting to be deported back to the U.S., where he faces jail for refusing to do a second tour of duty in Iraq.

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We won’t go back

By Maggie Gilmour, Toronto Life. June 12, 2009


Phil McDowell, 29; Patrick Hart, 35; Chuck Wiley, 37; Dean Walcott, 27; Kimberly Rivera, 27

To avoid serving in Iraq, 300 American soldiers have left their homes and families and fled to Canada, 75 of them to Toronto. Many assumed they’d get a visa, settle down and live a normal life. But the federal government has rejected their refugee claims and ordered them deported. Some go into hiding; others wait for appeals and judicial reviews of their cases. In the meantime, they’ve put down roots, taking temp jobs and raising children, nostalgic for a time when Canada was a haven for conscientious objectors.

     Read more… (link to Toronto Life)

Rivera family

I’ll have a “draught dodger!”; Resisters in Canada overview

Rivera family

War resister Kimberly Rivera and family

By Mike Ferner. April 8, 2009

For the second time in 10 months, Canada’s House of Commons told Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government, including Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, to stop deporting U.S. soldiers resisting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The vote united the three opposition parties, the Liberals, the Bloc Quebecois and the New Democratic Party in a close 129-125 vote.

Two weeks ago, the War Resisters Support Campaign rallied for former Army soldier, Kimberly Rivera, the first female U.S. soldier to go to Canada. Nearly 100 people filled the chairs and lined the aisles at the Steelworkers hall in Toronto for Rivera, her husband and three children, the youngest born in Canada six months ago.

The morning after the March 25 rally, Rivera was due to be deported back to the U.S. to face an Army court martial, but Federal Judge James Russell agreed with Rivera’s argument that resisters who speak out against the war publicly in Canada receive harsher sentences, and granted her a temporary stay.

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Resister speaks from prison: Let GI resisters stay in Canada


By Robin Long. March 24, 2009

In 2004 when Jeremy Hinzman applied for refugee status in Canada the Conservative government stepped in at his Refugee Hearing and said that evidence challenging the legality of the war in Iraq can’t be used in this case. The U.N. Handbook for Refugees and the Nuremburg Principals say:

a soldier of an army that is involved in an illegal war of aggression has a higher international duty to refuse service. They also have the right to seek refugee protection in any country that is signatory to the Geneva Convention.

By refusing to allow him, and by precedent all other claimants, the right to use the argument that the war was illegal, the decision closed the door on that legal avenue for refugee protection.

Also: Members of Canadian Parliament visit Robin Long in jail

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