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Berkeley CO and War Resisters’ Day Event

Berkeley, CA — On Monday, May 15, 2017, join us in celebrating the 11th Annual Berkeley CO and War Resisters’ Day, on International Conscientious Objectors’ Day. Gather at 11:30 AM for the Peace Flag raising ceremony at the Civic Center flagpole, 2180 Milvia Street.

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Join us for Chelsea Manning in SF Pride 2016

On Sunday, June 26, 2016, march with us again to support Chelsea Manning in the SF Pride Parade! March for our heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Chelsea Manning and show your support for Chelsea, whistle-blowers, and government...

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10th annual Berkeley objector day peace flag raising

For International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, celebrate the 10th annual Berkeley C.O. and War Resisters’ Day with us! Monday, May 16, 2016, 11:30am 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley, California Peace Flag raising ceremony, first at...

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SF Pride 2015 for Chelsea Manning

On Sunday, June 28th, Courage to Resist and the Chelsea Manning Support Network organized more than 100 supporters to represent our hero in the 2015 San Francisco Pride Parade! In 2013, the Chelsea Manning contingent was awarded...

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Chelsea Manning


Wow. We did it. Chelsea is free! Here are the latest updates and news:

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rainey reitman“I’ve worked with Courage to Resist now for six years. One of the best decisions the Chelsea Manning Support Network ever made was hooking up with them. They are amazing. I can’t sing their praises enough. In fact I became a regular donor.”

-Rainey Reitman, Internet privacy advocate & Chelsea Manning Support Network co-founder

GI Rights Hotline

GI Rights Hotline

For help getting out of the military, or related military issues, call 877-447-4487. Free, confidential, and accurate info for troops, vets, recruits, and their families.

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