By Edward Hasbrouck,

President-elect Biden’s planned Cabinet nominees include Avril Haines, whose most recent government office was as a member of the NCMNPS, to be Director of National Intelligence [sic]:

Perhaps even more ominously for the specific issue of the draft, Biden’s transition team includes Debra Wada, the former Co-Chair of the NCMNPS for Selective Service issues and the lead architect of the NCMNPS recommendation to expand draft registration to women:

Biden’s transition team also includes two people affiliated with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), the generally hawkish and neoliberal think tank most closely associated with the NCMNPS and its recommendations on Selective Service. Several key NCMNPS staff were drawn from the NCAS, and the NCAS was the only organization from which multiple witnesses were
invited to testify at the NCMNPS hearings on Selective Service.

It seems more and more clear that Biden transition planning includes planning for the expansion of Selective Service registration to women.

Meanwhile, I’ve added a new page to my Web site:

“Does the U.S. need a draft for self-defense? No.”