By Military Counseling Network, Connection e.V., and Courage to Resist. November 27, 2008

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – An AWOL (Absent Without Leave) American soldier will file his application for German asylum Thursday (27 Nov. 2008) in the Frankfurt area. He is the first American veteran of the war in Iraq to pursue refugee status in Europe. A press conference will take place at 10:00 the same day at Presseclub in Frankfurt.

His application cites a European Union regulation providing refugee status to a soldier who is in danger of being prosecuted if military service “would include crimes or acts,” which violate international law. The application references the Nuremberg Trials, stating “It is established that a person cannot defend his or her actions by explaining that they had simply been following orders.”

In his own words: “We should not be forced to fight an illegal war, nor should we be persecuted for refusing to do so. During the past five years we have waged a preemptive, internationally condemned war that was shown to be founded on a series of lies. After learning the truth about the nature of my military’s endeavors, I refuse to continue to be a part of this.”

“We are honored to help support this courageous war veteran turned resister in whatever ways possible,” declared Jeff Paterson, Project Director of Courage to Resist—a U.S.-based organization dedicated to supporting U.S. troops who refuse to right.

The soldier will make a statement and be accompanied by his legal representation, Frankfurt-based asylum lawyer Dr. Reinhard Marx, who will be available for questions.

10:00 – 27. November, 2008
Presseclub, Saalgasse 30 in Frankfurt/Main

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