Interview with drone tech Cian Westmoreland

Interview with drone tech Cian Westmoreland

“If it failed, we were told that people on our side would potentially die. But I knew that if it stayed up, people on the Afghan side would die.” Interview by Bob Meola, Courage to Resist

This Memorial Day, Support GI Rights

The U.S. has never ended the war taxes, left war footing, or ceased empire building. Some 50,000 U.S. troops are stationed in Germany to this day.

Join us for Chelsea Manning in SF Pride 2016

On Sunday, June 26, 2016, march with us again to support Chelsea Manning in the SF Pride Parade! March for our heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Chelsea Manning and show your support for Chelsea, whistle-blowers, and government transparency. TBA meet up time (currently...

What it’s like to be on the ‘Kill List’

I'm on the Kill List. This is what is feels like to be hunted by drones. By Malik Jalal. Read his article at the Independent "The third drone strike came on 6 October 2010. My friend Salim Khan invited me to dinner. I used my phone to call Salim to announce my...

20+ arrested at week-long protest at Creech Air Force Base

20+ arrested at week-long protest at Creech Air Force Base

At Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, Nevada, activists from over 20 states joined together for a national mobilization of nonviolent resistance to shut down killer drone operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and everywhere.

Shut Down Creech to demand end of drones

Shut Down Creech to demand end of drones

Veterans for Peace states, “Last year, nearly 150 activists joined us from 20 different states across the country, including over 50 veterans.

Changes underway for Courage to Resist

"Oh, never mind" update, April 7, 2017. After taking a year off, I've been back on staff part-time for a couple months now. Melissa Keith recently stepped down from her manager role (but continues to contribute as a collective member). We're currently looking for...

Store closing

Store closing

Jeff Paterson, Courage to Resist January 1, 2016 In order to better focus our time and energies on our core mission of supporting war resisters (including Chelsea Manning), Courage to Resist is closing our online shop that has featured shirts, stickers, posters,...

Veterans For Peace: Free Bowe Bergdahl!

Did Sgt. Bergdahl walk away from his post in Afghanistan? Yes, by his own account he did so, in order to bring attention to poor leadership which he believed was endangering his fellow soldiers.

December 2015 newsletter and appeal

Aside for forcing us to regularly evaluate and summarize our efforts, the point of these newsletters is to help us raise funds to sustain our work in support of the troops who have the courage to resist.

Drone war objectors speak out

Drone war objectors speak out

By Courage to Resist Courage to Resist salutes these four recent service members – with 20-years of drone warfare experience between them – for their courage to resist our nation's endless drone warfare. Thank you Brandon Bryant and Michael Haas (15th Reconnaissance...

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

Fantastic three minute video produced by Veterans for Peace UK, directed by Price James, written by Darren Cullen, and featuring Matt Berry.

August 2015 newsletter and appeal

By Courage to Resist. July 24, 2015 Please donate today to support the troops who refuse to fight! The Courage to Resist August 2015 national newsletter (PDF) is arriving in mailboxes across the country in the next few days. In this issue you can read about the new...


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The men-only military draft has been ruled unconstitutional. Mandatory registration must now include women or be ended for ALL.


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GI Rights Hotline

GI Rights Hotline

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