Drone war objectors speak out

By Courage to Resist Courage to Resist salutes these four recent service members – with 20-years of drone warfare experience between them – for their courage to resist our nation's endless drone warfare. Thank you Brandon Bryant and Michael Haas (15th Reconnaissance...

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

Fantastic three minute video produced by Veterans for Peace UK, directed by Price James, written by Darren Cullen, and featuring Matt Berry.

August 2015 newsletter and appeal

By Courage to Resist. July 24, 2015 Please donate today to support the troops who refuse to fight! The Courage to Resist August 2015 national newsletter (PDF) is arriving in mailboxes across the country in the next few days. In this issue you can read about the new...

Sgt Bergdahl’s lawyer on Democracy Now!

We turn now to developments in the case against Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who was held in Taliban captivity for five years after leaving his base in Afghanistan in 2009.

Message from veterans to drone operators

We were once in that position ourselves, some of us quite recently. We know what it feels like to be caught up in strange and brutal wars not of our own making, and not clearly in the interests of our nation.

March 2015 newsletter and appeal

By Courage to Resist. March 15, 2015 Please donate today to support the troops who refuse to fight! The Courage to Resist March 2015 national newsletter (PDF) is arriving in mailboxes across the country this week. In this issue you can read about active duty Marine...

Anti-drone protesters arrested at Creech Air Force Base

In 2005, Creech Air Force Base secretly became the first US base in the country to carry out illegal, remotely controlled assassinations using the M Q-1 Predator drones, and in 2006, the more advanced Reaper drones were added to its arsenal.

USMC 1st Lt Jacob Bridge, Conscientious Objector

Seeing the planes going into the Twin Towers made me feel like the planes were crashing into my heart when they went into the building. “I couldn’t understand why they would do that. When it was said that they hated our freedom, it was all I needed to hear.” Jake graduated from High School in 2007 and attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. There, he enrolled in Naval ROTC. When he graduated from college, in 2011, he also graduated as the Honor Graduate in the Commissioning Class at NROTC at CU, Boulder.

An American sniper

That’s why it’s necessary to keep both eyes open. This way you have some ability to track targets and establish 360 degrees of awareness.

Conscientious Objection and Secularism

Some of the more common threads we see among these COs are an adoption of a vegan diet and gravitation toward Libertarianism that lead them to conclude that war is wrong.

Military and gov’t agents who refused to torture

By the American Civil Liberties Union. December 15, 2014 We will never know the names of so many of the CIA officers who spoke out against torture. They were among the brave men and women throughout the government who challenged the brutality approved at the highest...

Objector Sara Beining released from jail, discharged

Yesterday, in a military courtroom at Fort Carson, Colorado, military war resister Sara Beining was sentenced to time already served in pre-trial confinement, and a “bad conduct” discharge.

Tomas Young (1979-2014)

He was sent to Iraq in 2004, and was left paralyzed by a bullet on the fifth day of his deployment. In 2008, he explained that “many of us volunteered with patriotic feelings in our heart.


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