By Courage to Resist. March 26, 2014

Our tri-annual print newsletter, April 2014 edition, is now available to view, print, and share! (PDF)

We’ve found these newsletters to be very helpful in communicating with supporters who don’t follow every Facebook post, or read every article we publish, but want to stay up-to-date with our work in support of military resisters. The articles printed in the newsletter are often condensed versions of stories first published online here at

This edition includes:

  • Chelsea Manning: Hero – New legal team hired for WikiLeaks whistle-blower’s military and federal appeals
  • War resister, anti-war organizer Sara Beining facing court martial
  • Giving birth behind bars – War resister Kimberly Rivera struggles with privacy and proper care for her family (full version online here)
  • Army War College says Courage to Resist impedes military recruiting (full version online here)
  • Conscientious Objector Chris Munoz (full version online here)