Art by Rosesharon Oates

Agustín Aguayo, a 35-year-old Army medic and conscientious objector, was convicted of desertion and missing movement March 6, 2007 in a U.S. military court in Germany. Although if faced a maximum of seven years in prison, Agustín was sentenced to eight months in the brig for following his conscience and refusing to participate in war. Since he had been imprisoned pending trial since September, he was released from the brig on April 18.

Although Agustín is still in the Army for the time being, and still in Germany, he is expecting to be home in the Los Angeles area with a couple of weeks. Courage to Resist is already planning speaking events with him in May and beyond. Details coming soon!

Nearly three years ago, Agustín applied for a conscientious objector discharge from the Army and later served a full one year in Iraq, all the while refusing to load his weapon. Now Agustín’s wife Helga, mother Susana, and his two 11-year-old daughters Raquel and Rebecca, led a grassroots campaign for justice and freedom for him and all GI war resisters.

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  • Write Agustin at: SPC Agustín Aguayo; Unit 29723 Box LL; APO, AE 09028-3810
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  • Watch the video below (select “Read more”) of Agustín’s Sept. 26 press conference.